Where is Quick-Step flooring manufactured?

Par Gusti / 21 juillet 2022

Where is Quick-Step flooring manufactured?

Where is Quick-Step flooring manufactured?

Belgium Discover Quick-Step's new factory: Vinyl made in Belgium - YouTube.

What is Quick-Step company?

Deceuninck–Quick-Step (UCI team code: DQT) is a Belgian UCI WorldTeam cycling team led by team manager Patrick Lefevere. ... The team is nicknamed 'The Wolfpack' and has used the term in its branding since 2017.

Who manufactures Quick-Step flooring?

Quick-Step. A waterproof flooring system protecting against spills and pet accidents, NatureTEK Select offers the beloved beauty of hardwood and innovative TEKnologies to ensure you and your pets live on your floor scratch, spill and worry-free!

Does Quick-Step flooring fade?

No colour fading With Quick-Step laminate floors you can reorganize as much as you like. When exposed to normal levels of (sun)light, our floors keep their original tone, year after year.

Is Quick-Step made by Pergo?

We produce laminate flooring, engineered parquet, vinyl floors, carpet and all the required accessories. Our brand names like Quick-Step, Pergo, Moduleo, ... definitely ring a bell.

Does Quick-Step flooring have Formaldehyde?

FloorScore Certified Quick-Step flooring has also earned the coveted FloorScore certification. FloorScore tests for 78 volatile organic compounds including formaldehyde. FloorScore is recognized as one of the most credible certification programs in the United States.

Who owns Quick-Step cycling?

Currently made up of 30 riders from 13 different countries, Deceuninck – Quick-Step has built an extraordinary reputation over the years, becoming one of the most successful squads in history under the guidance of CEO Patrick Lefevere.

Who is Mark Cavendish riding for?

Cavendish has also won the points classification in all three of the grand tours: the 2010 Vuelta a España, the 2011, and 2021 Tours de France and the 2013 Giro d'Italia....Mark Cavendish.

Personal information
Height1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight70 kg (154 lb; 11 st 0 lb)
Team information
Current teamDeceuninck–Quick-Step
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Is Quick-Step Mohawk?

What Is Quick-Step And Who Is Mohawk? In 2005, Quick-Step was a company acquired as a division of Mohawk Industries, a flooring industry giant that sells just about every kind of flooring through numerous subsidiaries.

How long does Quick-Step flooring last?

At Quick-Step we don't just talk the talk, but we also walk the walk, offering long-term warranties of up to 25 years. No more worries about moisture, scratches or stains.

Where can I buy Quick-Step studio flooring?

  • Quick-Step Studio flooring is available exclusively at Lowes. Quick-Step laminated wood floors feature a variety of species with realistic wood visuals and natural tones and shading.

What's new at Quickstep?

  • Quickstep signs new MOU with Vaulta to develop smarter technologies for renewables, manned and unmanned aircraft and electric flight. Quickstep services global defence and commercial aerospace and other industry sector customers with advanced manufacturing facilities, globally recognised accreditations and innovative technology.

Why choose quickquickstep?

  • Quickstep’s commitment to excellence ensures we attract the elite of the defence and commercial aerospace and other industries. We provide our customers with innovative products and processes, advanced manufacturing solutions and flawless service. It’s why our customer list includes names like Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Marand.

How old is Deceuninck - Quick-Step - now?

  • 21 - A perfect present for Deceuninck – Quick-Step’s speedster on the day he turned 25. 21 - Deceuninck – Quick-Step’s 23-year-old Portuguese remains second overall ahead of the ITT.

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